November 1927 Issue

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Table of Contents

A Story of the Stone Age, by H. G. Wells………726
The Astounding Discoveries of Doctor Mentiroso, by A. Hyatt Verrill…….746
Treasures of Tantalus (A Serial in 2 Parts) (Part II), by Garrett Smith……760
The Machine Man of Ardathia, by Francis Flagg……..798

Our Cover

This month represents the scene from “The Machine Man of Ardathia,” by Francis Flagg, showing what, according to this author, will be the evolution of man 35,000 years hence. With the aid of his array of tubes, this strange being talks, feeds himself and travels. These rays are the only things that will penetrate the glass-like substance in which these beings live. The illustration shows “the machine man” of the future demonstrating his powers-the rays grip a man and hold him suspended in the air for several minutes-making a fine substitute for human hands and arms.

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In Our Next Issue:

Robur the Conqueror, by Jules Verne
The Country of the Blind, by H. G. Wells
Hicks’ Inventions with a Kick, by Henry Hugh Simmons
The Fourteenth Earth, by Walter Kateley



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