Here you can link with to SF authors in our collection by last name from the dusty binders in Special Collections, now digitized for your use. From Bradbury to Ellison to Spinrad, there are surprises here beyond our known major holdings of Dick and Herbert.

The original work to bring you the listings of the Pulp holdings have been much expanded on the sub-menu under Pulps, Pulp Holdings in Special Collections. You’ll now find the list of the magazines, alphabetically, and then separate listings for the issues held in the collection, from Analog through spectacular runs of Amazing and Astounding, Unknown and Weird Tales, to Worlds of Wonder. Get lost in the thrilling adventures of yesteryear on the digitized pulp page, then plan to go further and see what still hidden away in the stacks.

A final treat is the oldest magazine in our collection, not quite a pulp (better paper!), and not quite sf (though it promotes those old Edisonade, boy-genius-inventor-type stories), it’s The Electrical Experimenter from March, 1917. You’ll find it newly listed on the Pulp page. Check it out!

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