Keynotes for the 2016 Philip K. Dick Conference

We have titles for our keynotes!

Dr. Ursula Heise’s keynote, to be given Saturday, 3-5pm, in the TSU Theater at CSUF, is titled Dick’s New Natures.

Jonathan Lethem’s keynote, to be given Friday, 3-5pm, in PLN 130 in the Pollak library, is called The Philip K. Dick Society: A Preliminary Archeology.

Come hear new thoughts!


Update to Registration and Accommodation Page

Check out the update to our Registration and Accommodation page.

Well, that didn’t take long! We received some emails from some people asking for clarifications–we like to think it is because the news is so good. Yes, our fees are low, and we hope to make it easy for people to come join us in talking about the life and legacy of PKD. In the update, some explanations are made for the fees, a small one for academic presenters and the token for general registration. You must register if you are an academic presenter. And, yes, we hope you will join in and register if you are just a general attendee. But it is true you can attend events for free. We hope to bring in new people to come see and talk with us. We will not turn away people at the door. Now you know.

Jeter Interview

As preparations for the 2016 PKD Conference continue, check out our new interview with K.W. Jeter, sf writer, CSUF alum, and a friend of PKD, posted on our website today. Unfortunately, Jeter will be out of the country during the conference, but his friends in things Steampunk, James Blaylock and Tim Powers, are our special guests.

You can find the interview in our Steampunk Origins drop down menu under Steampunk Origins  at CSUF, along with our interview of James Blaylock. A video interview of Tim Powers is forthcoming before the conference.

Also soon to appear is a Registration and Accommodation page for the conference. Stay tuned.

Gathering Experts

The Conference has accepted papers for our academic panels. Now we are gathering “experts”–people who knew or write on PKD or are in the sf community and can speak to his influence–for panels of discussion and q and a with audiences. We have a number of special guests. Specifics to come soon.