Many people think of Science Fiction to happen in the future, but it’s happening right now all around you. These pages survey the living sf tradition in Orange County, including clubs, authors and events happening right here, right now. Join in! Check the list of links below.

Join the CSUF Science Fiction and Fantasy Club. Read and write together, and stay up on current events!

One of our research areas focused on sf writers writing, like PKD, in places, particularly works set on the West Coast of the US. Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, set in San Francisco after a terrorist attack brings an outsized authoritarian response, combines setting and science fiction in fascinating ways. Jorey Cantu used Google Earth to map the movement of the characters in the novel, providing files that document every location, then a leaner look at key sites, and a voice tour of key locations from the novel. Download the Google Earth files here. She also created a fantastic pamphlet you can download that invites you to play tourist and visit the places where Doctorow’s novel happened. View and download the pamphlet here.


James Blaylock’s website

Tim Powers’ website

K.W. Jeter’s website

West Coast Weird (David Sandner’s website)

Orange County Science Fiction Club

Los Angeles Science Fiction Society

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

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