California State University, Fullerton, is an origin point for steampunk. Steampunk is the brainchild of three friends–James Blaylock, Tim Powers, and K.W. Jeter–who were students at the university. Follow the links on this page to explore CSUF’s ties to Steampunk!

Check out our online zone, Startling Steampunk Stories!, to read new steampunk, to access research into the subgenre’s origins and definitions, and to study how-to advice about writing your own works.


Read new interviews with our three alums, Powers, Blaylock and Jeter, to hear about their own writing, steampunk’s true origins and relationship with CSUF. The Blaylock interview is completed and up…the other two will come through the Summer.

Blaylock Interview

Powers Interview (still to come)

Jeter Interview (still to come)

One more link takes you to the site from CSUF’s Art Department about a recent Steampunk art show they hosted on campus. It’s very cool. Check it out!

Steampunk Art Exhibit at CSUF 2012 

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