Mary Elizabeth Counselman

Weird Tales, October 1933 – “The Cat-Woman”

Edward Hamilton

Amazing Stories – October 1930 “The Man Who Saw the Future”

  1. A. Highstone

“Frankenstein Unlimited” Astounding Stories

Robert E. Howard

Weird Tales, June 1933 – “Black Colossus” – Conan the Barbarian Story.

David H. Keller, M.D.

Weird Tales – October 1937 “Tiger Cat” (considered the first psychological thriller)

Weird Tales “The Pedestrian Revolt”

Weird Tales April 1930 “Creation Unforgiveable”

Amelia Reynolds Long

Astounding Stories August 1936 -“A Leak in the Fountain of Youth”

  1. P. Lovecraft

Weird Tales – “Rats in the Wall”

  1. L. Moore

Weird Tales – November, 1933 “Shambleau”

“An utterly strange story about an alluring female creature that was neither beast nor human, neither ghost nor vampire.”

Sarah Newmeyer

“Gerard 7932”

Edgar Allen Poe

Find -Weird Tales November 1935

“William Wilson” p. 634

Seabury Quinn

Weird Tales November 1937 “Living Buddhess”

Weird Tales March 1933 “The Thing in the Fog” (Werewolf Story)

Stanley Weinbaum – Alien Story

“Martian Chronicle”
“A Valley of Dreams”

  1. G. Wells – Add either one

*Amazing Stories, March 1927 – “Under the Knife”

Amazing Stories, October 1927 – “AEpyornis Island”


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