200px-PhilipDickPhilip K. Dick lived the last ten years of his life in Orange County. Through his friendship with Dr. Willis McNelly, Professor of English at CSUF, he frequently visited classes on campus. He left his papers to our Special Collections. He wrote wonderful and strange novels set in the OC. Interest in his presence on our campus and in our area drove the creation of SF at CSUF.

Explore PKD’s legacy on our campus and his creative life in the OC at our first sets of web pages:

Philip K. Dick in the OC

We will be hosting a Philip K. Dick Conference on campus, April 29-30, 2016. Come join us…give a paper, listen to a talk, join in!

Follow developments on our Facebook Page for PKD in the OC, or access the Call for Papers.

Click here to see the PKD in the OC zine, with essays, poems and works from the Art Show that happened at the Hibbleton Gallery in downtown Fullerton in May 1, 2015.

Writer and CSUF alum James Blaylock wrote an interesting piece, The Night I Met Phil Dick. Read our interview with Blaylock in our Steampunk section.

Our researchers recently set out to understand how to write like Philip K. Dick. What is a phildickian story? How does it work, and to what end? For the results of their research (and to pick up tips for your own work), read How to Write a Phil Dick Story that Doesn’t Fall Apart in Two Days, with advice from Jonathan Snyder and some links from Louis Magallanes.

Read Jacked In, a phildickian story by Jonathan Snyder

Also read Ode to Aliens Eating My Brain, For Philip K. Dick, by David Sandner

Both of these works are available in the online version of the zine, Philip K. Dick in the OC, published at the Hibbleton Gallery as part of the Philip K. Dick in the OC art show. Check it all out! Better hold your brain in!


PKD in the OC coverage:

Locus Online


The Ansible


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