After you look through our digital presentation of numerous early pulps under the main link for the Pulps on our site here, you might want to delve further into the stacks yourself. Below are links to help you plan and organize your visit, digitizing the much-neglected binders that catalog, over decades now, what has come into the collection. Previously, finding a time when the collection is open and flipping through the pages yourself was the only way. Now, you can scroll through the pages, but many issues await as you try to decipher notations and scrawls that mark the archiving of the Pulp collection.

The Special Collections Pulp holdings alphabetically by title, with issues listed separately a few pages in starting with A through F, “Analog science fiction and fact” to “Fantastic story quarterly” and followed by

Special Collections Pulps, F through P, “Future Science Fiction” through “Planet Stories” and

Special Collections Pulp Holdings S through Z, “Scottishe (a fanzine) throuhg “Worlds of Wonder” and seeral other later additions from Aboriginal science fiction, SFWA (the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), Pulphouse, and Science Fiction house.

Click Here for the original Periodical Listing from this page before it was updated and expanded by the links above. Look below for a link off site to the Special Collections page on campus itself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.53.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.53.54 PM

Check Out Special Collections at CSUF.

The site is well worth exploring, and the holdings of many of the famous SF authors represented, including Philip K. Dick and Frank Herbert, can be accessed online. But the pulps are different…they are not online, and this section of our site is the first time any of the issues could be accessed digitally. You can also look digitally at the dusty binder of plastic sheets with typed forms that are the only listing of those pulp periodicals that have been cataloged. They await you!

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