Welcome to the Acacia 2016 Philip K. Dick Conference, April 29-30, at California State University, Fullerton.

If you want to stay up-to-date, follow our conference blog. As events are finalized, word is given out there first. Check it out or be left behind.


Due to strong support from the CSUF College of Humanities, the English Dept., Associated Students and the Acacia Group, we are able to offer subsidized fees. Our goal is to draw new interest to Philip K. Dick and his ideas, with the merely curious among our student body and beyond able to come learn what is so exciting here. We think we all still need him! Feel free to join us in spreading the word and talking about why this conference is important to do. Strictly speaking, anyone can go to any event. The academic conference presenters have to register and make a payment for rental of space and technology and the like, but at a rate much reduced from any academic conference we have given (or attended) in the past! But understand: all attendees are welcome to come view the academic papers–we have wonderful presenters and ideas in all aspects of the conference, and do not make the mistake of thinking you are not welcome to come hear and talk to our academic presenters. Far from it! With luck, we hope to have a conference proceedings emerge from the conference, and that will arise from the academic papers. We are excited by the cross conversations that will happen between out academic panels and our discussion panels of folks who knew Philip K Dick or can speak to the science fiction field now and his influence, and our artists in the art show, and the presentation of work from our sf special collections and, of course, our keynotes by Ursula Heise and Jonathan Lethem–all is open to all attendees! We’re not sure how we can say this any clearer: come open your mind, or have it blown open.

So, costs to attend. Besides accommodation, discussed below, off campus visitors must pay $8 for parking daily.

Membership. We want to mark those who are attending not just an event but the conference by having them register. With your email with us, you receive updates (especially if something changes at the last minute!); at registration, you will get a final schedule and a name badge (so we know you are in the know). Besides, you may receive some special invites that will only be broadcast to our registering attendees. And you are supporting the conference and helping make it a success. How much for all this? $5 to handle costs. Seems reasonable to us. But you will not be turned away at the door for failing to pay. Got it?

Academic presenters. Includes membership to the entire conference and costs associated with the academic portion. $40 for faculty and independent scholars, $20 for students. Panels will take place in the Titan Student Union on campus and should be kept to 30 minutes. Any questions should be made to theacaciagroup.csuf@gmail.com.

How to send in payment for general Membership or Academic Presenters:

Please make checks payable to the Acacia Group. Send your name, mailing address and email with check to:

The Acacia Group, c/o English Dept., California State University, Fullerton, University Hall 323, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA, 92831


Our conference hotel is the Fullerton Marriott at California State University, 2701 Nutwood Ave., Fullerton, CA, 92831, (714) 738-7800.

Visit the Marriott Website to book your room today! The Conference rate is available if you mention you are with the Acacia Conference. Rates are good Thursday through Saturday.

If for any reason you have trouble with this link, please email us at theacaciagroup.csuf@gmail.com.

Here’s a map of conference sites:

PKD Conference Map